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जाने आयुर्वेद क्या है ? What is Ayurveda

ayurveda in chandigarh

आयुर्वेद  ( Ayurved) Ayurveda- आयुर्वेद हमारे ऋषि मुनियों द्वारा दी गयी बहुमूल्य धरोहर है जिसकी विशेषताओं व उपयोगिता का वर्णन किसी भी लेख या शब्दों में करना बहुत ही मुश्किल है ! आयुर्वेदा  (Ayurveda) का इतिहास हजारों वर्ष पुराना है और आज भी यह इलाज़ पद्द्ति सबसे सर्वश्रेष्ठ मानी जाती …

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The Method of Diagnosis in Ayurveda

Diagnostic methods of Ayurveda Finding of an illness utilizing Ayurvedic systems comprises of taking after points of interest. The two fundamental columns on which the finding is based are: History of disease, and Examination of the patient. History of Illness: This alludes to the accompanying points of interest:- Details of …

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Importance of Body Constitution in Ayurveda

In the wake of knowing your prakriti (body constitution) with the pulse diagnosis , you can apply it in keeping up the wellbeing and couteracting the disease as it assumes an essential part in wellbeing arranging. On the off chance that we know our regular constitution as indicated by Vaata, …

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