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Importance of Body Constitution in Ayurveda

In the wake of knowing your prakriti (body constitution) with the pulse diagnosis , you can apply it in keeping up the wellbeing and couteracting the disease as it assumes an essential part in wellbeing arranging. On the off chance that we know our regular constitution as indicated by Vaata, Pitta, and Kapha, We can take care of our health issues and prevent from the diseases. We can realize what kind of illnesses are possible in us in diverse seasons, and can know how to forestall them before they assault us. It is likewise conceivable to see about the forecast of illness regarding Prakriti.

Importance of Body Constitution in Ayurveda

Type of Prakriti

  • Vaata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha

VAATA PRAKRITI: For instance, Vaata prakriti persons may experience the ill effects of vaata diseases (Eighty in number, for the most part the illnesses of nerves and bones) in the event that they enjoy more in an icy, dry, unpleasant, severe, sharp and astringent eating regimen, over activity, have unpredictable nourishment propensities, live in colder, drier atmospheres. For occasional thought icy winter season, pre-stormy season and shady, dry blustery atmospheres, are bad for them. Ailment may decline if officially display. Any sort of ailment may be expanded at vaata time, such as night times, late in the night, and the third hour after dinners and in seniority. On the off chance that they take after appropriate eating regimen, conduct, and tastes to diminish vaata, they may keep their common inclination towards the likelihood of vaata sort diseases.

PITTA PRAKRITI: In the event of Pitta prakriti, on the off chance that they have a tendency to enjoy hot, sharp, impactful, harsh, salty things, work with searing, acidic substances, they may experience the ill effects of pitta maladies (Forty in number, for the most part metabolic issue) as pitta has a tendency to bother from these reasons. Hot atmosphere, fall, second hour after dinners and early afternoon (twelve) and midnight are the particular times when pitta prakriti individuals’ disorder may expand and ayurvedic medicine & Panchkarma treatment taken as of now may be more useful for quick recuperation.

KAPHA PRAKRITI: On account of Kapha prakriti, in the event that they enjoy more in unctuous, slick, overwhelming, dull, disgusting sustenance substances and eat sweet, acrid, salty nourishment, take more rest and carry on with an agreeable life, with an absence of physical activity, they may experience the ill effects of kapha ailments (Twenty in number, generally ailments, worried with structure), as these reasons irritate kapha. These individuals may fall wiped out in the spring, in cool and soggy atmospheres in the event that they don’t take appropriate consideration. Their affliction may increment in these atmospheres furthermore at kapha time, as right on time morning. On the off chance that legitimate ayurvedic medicines or panchkarma treatment is given as of now, it might be more effective and helpful..

Along these lines, information of Naadi Pariksha and Prakriti Analysis are extremely valuable and imperative to keep up wellbeing in a person. One can take appropriate consideration, conform count calories legitimately and maintain a strategic distance from the eating regimen which is hurtful; one can adopt daily and seasonal schedules appropriately and achieve impeccable wellbeing.

Article Wrote By: Dr Baldeep Kour – Founder & Medical Director of DEEP AYURVEDA

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