About Us

Ayurveda Online Magazine “AYURVEDA for Healthy Living” is an online ayurveda portal, Published & Promoted by DHCP, Punjab. Its dedicated online portal towards the news and promotion of Ayurveda and current healthcare. This online magazine portal focuses on articles, news, interviews, health tips and latest updates about Ayurveda for its readers. Magazine’s editorial team members are experts from the field of Ayurveda and the wellness industry. Our aim is to gather authentic updates & latest information about Ayurveda, Yoga and Natural Treatments and publish the same for awareness purposes.

Earlier for many generations, the image of Ayurveda was limited to the use of herbs and was considered as equivalent to home or kitchen remedies. However, after much careful research-based scrutiny, Ayurveda proved out to be a dependable and trustworthy medicinal system with scientific background which follows a holistic approach towards health care of each individual. Ayurveda accentuates elaborately on pulse diagnosis, body type examination, diseases analysis, diet, medicinal properties, medicine dose, frequency of medicine and its method of consumption.

Our honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi has taken welcoming initiatives for promoting Ayurveda by making a separate ministry for AYUSH and also engaged in discussions with multiple countries for affiliating Indian Ayurvedic colleges with foreign universities so as to provide ayurveda an international platform. He also stated that by taking such measures, other countries could be brought under the umbrella of Ayurveda while raising the corpus fund which could be used for clinical research and documentation for the advancements of ancient medicine system so as to benefit the world community.

In less than three months, after the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi gave the idea in UN General Assembly, UN adopted an India-led resolution and declared 21st June  as ‘International Day of Yoga’ and recognized that “Yoga provides a holistic healing approach to health and well-being.”

Objectives of Ayurveda Online Magazine Portal:

  • To spread the miraculous healing ability of Ayurveda for overall well being.
  • To promote Ayurveda by using modern technologies.
  • To educate the people on how they can live healthy through Ayurveda & Yoga.
  • To make Ayurveda reach every home while educating about its benefits for harmonious life.
  • To propagate the idea of Ayurveda through articles, news and information about new research and developments.
  • To integrate the old & ancient Indian medicine system in to main stream health care system of India.