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Deep Ayurveda started training programs” SAPP” for fresher ayurvedic graduates

North India’s Leading organisation of ayurveda field, Deep Ayurveda doing so many activities for the development of ayurveda and to promote Indian medicine system which is more than 5000 years old system of medicine. During a program Dr Baldeep Kour– Medical Director and founder of Deep Ayurveda told that recently they started a program “SAPP” ( Successful Ayuirvedic Practice Plan ) for fresher ayurvedic graduates and to those ayurvedic doctor who are not able to do practice in ayurveda just because of the lackness practical exposure and knowledge of ayurveda. Main objective of this program is to motivate the fresher ayurveda graduates to do ayurveda practice after completing their BAMS degree. So that maximum doctor can do practice only in ayurveda. For run a successful ayurveda clinic, Deep Ayurveda will provide all support which is required for ayurveda practice like- Pulse diagnosis , treatment protocol according to ayurveda, clinical data management , account , marketing & promotion etc. Current situation is this that after completing the BAMS degree most of the students thinking to start practice in modern medicine or choose some other field as carrier because they did not find any organised or professional institute where they can take practical exposure and clinical training in ayurveda to do practice in ayurveda. But now Deep Ayurveda has taken this initiative to motivate and to provide all possible support to ayurveda graduates so that they can enter in ayurveda practice only. Today govt has also taking so many initiative to promote ayurveda and the demand of ayurveda & natural therapy is increasing day by day globally. Dr Kour also told that they have also started clinical training programs , Panchkarma training & MD Coaching for PG entrance at their centers in Mohali and some pother part of India.

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