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Third Hand Smoke

Third Hand Smoke also responsible for various diseases

Third Hand Smoke –Every time after smoking in car or room, many harmful and toxic chemicals remains stuck on wall, furniture, carpet, hairs, toys and other things which were present there at that time. Other than this these chemicals are being observed by skin and clothes of the smoker and go in and outside of the house while travelling. These particles and harmful chemicals are termed as third hand smoke. Third hand smoke can be responsible for a lot of diseases related to breathing and also cause cancer, when it comes in contact with people and especially infant children.

Third Hand Smoke There are more than 4000 toxic chemicals and radioactive particles present in a single Cigarette among which more than 50 tends to cause cancer.  The chemicals which got stuck and spread at the place of smoking cannot be removed easily just by opening window or fan specially when the place is smoking zone or a regular smoking area.  Chemicals such as Taar, Hydrocyanic acid, Toluene, Arsenic, Lead, Poulenc form cancerous compound when they come in contact with the ozone  present inside the room. The presence of NNA compound affects DNA and growth of children. The toxic chemicals and compounds which were spread over walls, carpets and cars slowly accumulate and cause asthma and other breathing related problems, as it comes in contact of human body through mouth or respiration Speaking on the same lines, Dr Ajay Saxena of Vedicgram says, “Smoking  itself must be condemn in order to avoid any maladies; still if one needs to decrease the risks and harmful effects, smoking in open areas is better than enclosed ones. Smokers must avoid close contact with children post a smoking session as the clothes carry higher frequencies of third hand smoke at this time”

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