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Panchkarma treatments

Now panchkarma treatment available in trains

Govt is planning to start Panchkarma treatments facility in VIP trains like Rajdhani and Shtabadi express, says by central ayush minister of state Sh. Sripad Naik in a meeting with CCH and CCIM members on last sunday in Bhopal. They told that the demand and awareness of Ayurveda treatment &  Panchkarma is increasing day by day so it is necessary to take initiatives for the development of Panchkarma.

The member of CCH Dr. M. Jakaria has told that ayush minister says that he will speak to rail ministery to start panchkarma facility in rajdhani train in first phase as pilot project for trial and if this trial is successful then Panchkarma facilities will extended in other trains also.

Ayush misinster has also proposed to appoint ayurvedic doctors at railway stations for emergency treatment and more than 1000 ayurvedic doctors will get job by this project. Sh Naik also told that earlier no insurance company gives the claim if treatment done in Ayurvedic hospital, But now govt has made some changes in rules & regulations to cover ayurvedic hospital for insurance claim.

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