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MPs Demands to add “A or S” in AYUSH

What’s in a name? matter a lot, with regards to spread of conventional branches of Indian medicine by the Indian Government , On last Friday seen in the parliament  in new delhi that MPs highlight the issue and demands to modify the name of the recently appointed AYUSH ministry by NDA govt.

AYUSH, an acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy system of medicine, could do with a change of name to incorporate more traditional systems of medication pervasive in India since hundreds of years. During question hours in Loksabha two MPs, from Andhra Pradesh and Ladakh requested to Ayush Minister – Sh. Shripad Naik.
Ascending to pose a question, TDP MP Ravindra Babu requested that an additional “A” be added to the name to make it “AAYUSH” to give recognition to acupuncture.

“There is an Indian acupuncture medical system where in there is no organization of any drugs, there are no symptoms of any side effects. He further said that Acupuncture is also helpful to treat lot of little health problem like spinal pain, sciatica, cervical agony.

“I effectively made a solicitation to the minister to incorporate acupuncture as a part of AYUSH, so it will get to be AAYUSH. I would ask for the honorable minister, through you, Madam (Lok Sabha Speaker), to incorporate acupuncture in AYUSH so that our local medicines get consolation globally ,” he said, drawing laughter from both sides of the political divide.
Babu asserted that acupuncture was concocted in India and adopted by China. “It has effectively gone to China; it has turned out to be extremely famous. So kindly incorporate acupuncture also in AYUSH,” he included, as a couple of MPs upheld him.

Sh. Naik answered that his ministry would consider the matter. He further told that many of other “Pathies” also seek recognition.

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