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Govt Approves Pact with WHO in Ayurvedic Medicine Field

New Delhi, Feb. 17, Good News for ayurvedic medicine and traditional medicine system, An important pact has been finally approved by the government in the field of traditional medicine between the Ayush Ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) today. It seems to be a wonderful move which aims to improve the acceptability & branding of Ayush systems at the International level.

Significance of this pact lies in the long term support & cooperation from WHO in spreading awareness about Ayush medicine systems through educational mode, skill development practices, workshops and exchange programmes between Ayush and the United Nation body for capacity building.

The Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi, chairperson of Union Cabinet gave its nod to the agreement for collaborative activities to be signed in the area of traditional medicine between Ayush Ministry and the World Health Organization in Geneva, an official statement said. The statement also said that this joint effort will encourage promotion and dissemination of information on Ayush frameworks amongst the Member States, coordinated effort with third parties to generate synergies in usage of WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023 especially in the connection of Ayush systems.

Funding of these collaboration activities will be done from the allocated budget under the existing plan schemes of Ayush Ministry. These activities will begin subsequent to the signing of agreements by both the parties in accordance to the reference terms.

By taking the first step in this beneficial long-term bond, India would assign to WHO activities for development of  its technical documents and publications like benchmarks for training in Panchkarma, Yoga, practice in Ayurveda & Unani Medicines.

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