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Effects of Yoga interventions on Opiate dependency – an AYUSH study

Enlightenment in nature
Enlightenment in nature

In a latest study done by the ministry of AYUSH has demonstrated that it is possible to altogether improve the quality of life of drug addicts and furthermore reduces drug intake by them with the assistance of Yoga.

The study finished up this year at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and was financed under the Extra Mural Research (EMR) plan of the ministry of AYUSH. The study utilized Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) and meditation as a subordinate with regular treatment among a group of drug addicts specifically heroin users.

Eighty four drug addicts i.e. Heroin users undertaking treatment at a community based facility of National Drug Dependence Treatment Center (NDDTC) in East Delhi took part in the study. It was a randomized study with control groups. The control group was given standard treatment i.e. pharmacotherapy (opioid substitution therapy) and psychosocial intervention while the study group other than standard treatment was clubbed with SKY program more than 3 days in a workshop mode and were additionally urged to rehearse the przctice at home each day. It was additionally encouraged to participate in a week after week subsequent SKY program.

The standard screening measure was received (urine screening ) and it was seen that the group of users who were treated with standard treatment alongside Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) and meditation in correlation to control group of heroin users were more profited.

By and large, the study demonstrated that yoga intervention delivered a noteworthy change in the physical, social relationship and ecological spaces of quality of life and furthermore lessened the recurrence of drug use as evident by the urine screening results when contrasted with the control group that was on treatment.



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