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Deep Ayurveda started another panchkarma center in Mohali

Ayurveda field’s leading name “ DEEP AYURVEDA” has started its another ayurvedic clinic and panchkarma center in Mohali, Inauguration has done by Dr Baldeep Kour who is Founder & Medical Director of Deep Ayurveda in the presence of Business Head Mr Vishnu Dutt Sharma & other team member. Dr Baldeep told that ayrveda is the traditional indian system of medicine that has brought true health, happiness and wellbeing to millions of individuals throughout the ages. This ancient art of healing has been in practice for over 5000 years, and was also the mainstream medicine in the ancient times.

panchkarma center in MohaliAt  Deep Ayurveda we are doing the treatment from root cause after analyzing pulse and prakriti. The main attraction of Deep Ayurveda is that  Ayurvedic treatment, Panchkarma, Yoga, Naturopathy, Medical Astrology and diet & life style modification are available under one roof.  We are using authenticated and quality ayurvedic medicines for treatment in which many of medicine prepared by Deep Ayurveda itself. Deep Ayurveda’s has formulated over 50 preparations , How ever none of Dr. Baldeep Kour’s formulations are sold in the market. They are exclusively used and available only through a Deep Ayurvedic Clinic, Where they are dispensed to registered patients only, after a through evaluation of what they actually require.

Mr Vishnu Sharma -Business Head of Deep Ayurveda also told that today Deep Ayurveda expanding its branches all over the India and planned to open 20 branches through its franchise network by the end of this financial year 2015-16. So that authenticated ayurvedic treatment can give to every home and can promote Ayurveda. Recently Deep Ayurveda has also signed a agreement with a local business men in Goa to open a complete Ayurveda wellness resort and going to start Ayurveda wellness resort in from august 2015. Goa is famous tourist place where thousands of foreigner tourist coming every year. It will help to promote medical tourism and also be a part of make India program.

Deep Ayurveda’s Research & Education branch also started clinical training program in Ayurveda for fresher doctors, So that they can practice in their own pathy & also started panchkarma therapist training program to get skilled nursing staff for Ayurveda hospital so that skilled. Since 2007 more than 20 doctors took clinical training from Deep Ayurveda and doing practice in Ayurveda.

Dr. Baldeep Kour also told that we are going to organize   10 mega Ayurveda seminars & workshop in Mohali, chandigarh and some other part of Punjab to promote Ayurveda and to educate people that how they can live a healthy life naturally. We welcomed NGO, Non Profit societies and individual to organize these program in their area. Dr Kour also told that today many of person or company selling products at the name of Ayurveda with offering 100% guarantee treatment  even they don’t have the sufficient  knowledge or education of Ayurveda and due to it many people wasting their hard money. By this practice many people also not doing faith on Ayurveda. We requesting to Govt to take hard action against these person or companies. In our every seminars or camp, We requesting to public  to take ayurvedic treatment  always from the registered and qualified ayurvedic doctor.


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