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Benefits of Yoga

Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga – Yoga is believed to do wonders!! And it is absolutely true; yoga can add magic to your life. I have been doing yoga since quite some time now and I can totally say it has helped me to become a better person, I am able to tackle my problems well now, I can sleep better, I can focus fine on my studies and even control my anger issues. Also, it has helped me to lose weight, which has been a big issue in my life since I entered the teenage.

I remember how difficult my life was before I started doing yoga. I used to bother the little things and get irritated very soon. Then was the time my grandmother suggested me to dedicate 20 minutes daily to yoga and since then yoga has become a part of me.

Not only I live a physically active life now, I am a socially better person. My confidence level has increased, I look good and I am able to take better decisions in life.

Yoga can completely heal you, if I can give 30 minutes of my day to yoga, why can’t you? Trust me on this, yoga can change the way you look at life. It will completely transform you inside out and help you in leading an enhanced life.

Think about the broader prospects and denote time for self love to live a superior life, free from diseases and other emotional and mental problems. It is very crucial to devote time to yourself, only then we can learn to love ourselves and also, live happily.

Yoga plays a very important role in our life. Yoga helps in the mental, physical and spiritual development of the human being. Yoga also helps in losing weight and in maintaining our body posture.

The benefits of yoga have a number of without providing any ill-effect to our body. It is the best way to lose bodyweight and get the best version of you. It also helps in improving the quality of sleep.

According to research, people who practice yoga daily get better sleep than people who don’t practice yoga.


Already I talked about how magical yoga can be and adding this to your daily schedule can transform you and the way you perceive things. Here are the further benefits of yoga which are amazing!

  1. Weight reduction is generally seen. Though the weight loss is slow but it is in a healthy way for sure.
  2. Increased muscle strength and toned body. Who doesn’t love a toned body?
  3. Increased flexibility,
  4. Protection against injuries, stronger immune system.
  5. Maintains a balanced and faster metabolism!
  6. Increases body awareness and self awareness as well.
  7. Relieves chronic stress patterns and makes you mentally strong. You can be the better decision maker, buddy!
  8. Sharpens concentration and memory, you can score really well. That was my secret of securing higher marks in exams.
  9. To prevent diseases.

There are numerous benefits of yoga, you will just read them unless and until you actually step out and get your yoga mat to perform some of the basic yoga asana and feel the magical powers of yoga.

Different Types of Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits:

  1. Mountain Pose – This pose (asana) helps in improving the level of focus and concentration. It is the first position from where all the asana starts.
  2. Tree Pose – This pose helps in improving the balance of our body. It also strengthens our legs and back. As the tree stands still and steadily similarly, it replicates the position of the tree.
  3. Downward Facing Dog Pose – This pose provides additional blood flow to the head but stretching hamstrings and chest lengthens the spine. It will help in gaining energy and leave you energized.
  4. Triangle Pose – It stretches the legs and torso, mobilizes the hips and promotes deep breathing, leaving one with enlivening effects.
  5. Chair Pose- This pose strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms. This is an intensely powerful pose. It has an energizing effect on our body and mind.
  6. Boat Pose – It strengthens the shoulders and upper body. It also tightens the abdominal muscles.
  7. Cobra Pose – It will help in strengthening the lower back muscles. It also makes the spine flexible.
  8. Paschimottasana – This posture helps in improving the flexibility of hamstrings and hips. It also lengthens the spine.
  9. Child’s pose – This pose restores our energy physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a restful posture.
  10. Sukhasana – It is the most comfortable posture for meditation. All the other asanas are done eventually to make our body comfortable to practice this asana. This pose helps in connecting the person to the spiritual side of the yoga.


This day is celebrated on 21june all over the world. This day itself marks the importance of yoga in our lives. We all know the environment is changing and the world is becoming more competent, yoga helps us to deal with this type of environment and also makes us healthy.

Since ancient times, yoga has been done by people daily to live a healthy life. It helps us to monitor our breaths and feel good. It is very helpful in removing toxins and impurities out of the body. It can help you to focus on studies well; it can help you stay calm and productive at the same time.

It helps us to stay strong mentally and even lose weight easily. Though the process can be a bit slower than other cardio exercises but it can make you fit from within, it is the best way to deal with many other problems like skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems and even problems related to sleep. Yoga has no boundaries; it is helpful and can help you in living a tremendous life!!

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