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Importance of Body Constitution in Ayurveda

In the wake of knowing your prakriti (body constitution) with the pulse diagnosis , you can apply it in keeping up the wellbeing and couteracting the disease as it assumes an essential part in wellbeing arranging. On the off chance that we know our regular constitution as indicated by Vaata, …

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Rajasthan Goverment grants Rs 1 Crore for ayurveda hospital

JAIPUR: The ayurveda Hospital will get new look in the state The Health Deptt. has apportioned budget for the improvement of ayurveda hospital facilities over the state. The state govt. has distinguished 74 such hospital facilities which require improvement as they are lying in a shambles. A health deptt. authority …

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Importance of Ayurvedic Marma Vigyan

The word Marma comes from the Sanskrit root, ‘Mru’, ‘Marane’ and it pertains to a location of essential importance in the torso which if injured , leads to serious consequences, or death eventually. In historic Vedic times, marma factors were called bindu – a dot, key dot or mystic point. …

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Program to promote Ayurveda practice after BAMS in Ayurvedic College

Deep Ayurveda team Interacting with BAMS final year & interns students at Shri Krishna Govt Ayurvedic College & Hospital- Kurukshetra, to Providing them the information about their recently launched program ” SAPP” (Successful ayurvedic practice plan) and to motivate them to work in ayurveda after completing BAMS Degree. During this …

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