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Now Ayurveda Treatment Available in Army Hospital

This time our Indian Army, the armed forces are getting more conscious about the type of treatment of their severely – ill soldiers. They are giving a chance to specialists in the field of alternative medicine, ranging from Homoeopathy to Naturopathy, Unani & Ayurveda.

This time Indian military is ready to commence an intense analysis to test claims made for alternative drugs by opening the doors of few top military healing centers to specialists in this field, India’s top military specialist has said.

For the very first time, the military is allowing the specialists on various alternative medicinal field, ranging from ayurveda and naturopathy to unani and homeopathy, to treat extremely ill soldirs, veterans and their wards who have not responded to ordinary treatment.


Lt_Gen_BK_ChopraMainstream specialists have customarily opposed this option drug treatment. But let’s be frank, we actually don’t have the domain knowledge to release it. The thought behind this analysis is to check whether alternative medication can work where allopathy get fails,” said Lieutenant General BK Chopra, chief general, Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS).

The AFMS, a unit comprising of more than 6,000 specialists, is tying up with the service of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) to kick-start the trial.


The AYUSH had mooted a proposition to incorporate the alternative medication framework with the ordinary framework, however the armed force recommended that a pilot project be attempted first. The venture will start with 10 elective medication experts being allocated to four armed force healing facilities — Base Hospital in Delhi Cantt, Military Hospital situated in Jalandhar and Command Hospitals located at Chandigarh (Chandimandir Cantt ) and Pune.


AYUSH secretary Ajit M Sharan said a few types of option pharmaceutical had a legacy of over 3,000 years yet had not been abused to their maximum capacity. “These practices can be utilized to supplement traditional drug for treating various types of cancers and TB, as standalone treatment for disorders like joint pain and dementia & also as food supplements. The tie-up will advantage troopers,” Sharan included.

As a part of the investigation, the terminally ill patients will be assigned to the specialists and those with some type of cancer. General Chopra said, “We don’t have much to offer to such patients and maybe some other treatment could work for them. Alternative medicine systems shouldn’t be composed off as they have advanced over hundreds of years.”.

The extent of this undertaking could be extended if traditional medicinal treatment ends up being compelling. This would give traditional medicinal experts a bigger stage for examination and could address a few myths about the frameworks they practice, Chopra said. “These traditional medicine specialists will work under the supervision of armed force specialists to give the best restorative consideration to patients. Patients will advantage in the event that we can discover scientific proof that recommends alternative medicines can help in proper treatment of diseases,” he added.


Asking for a little secrecy, a serving armed force specialist said it would be basic for the AFMS to screen the analysis at each stage as customary drug has so far been a no-go range in the military.


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